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Refund & Return Policy

For "problem" orders, there will be no refunds for the following :-

a) Address given by sender is wrong or incomplete, so orders could not be sent.

 b) There is no recipient contact number (handphone) given by the sender, and no one is at home at time of delivery.

c) The recipient has moved house or moved office and cannot be contacted.

d) The recipient switches off her/his handphone and is not at The recipient switches off her/his handphone and is not at home or at the office at time of delivery.

e) The recipient refuses to accept the flowers because of her/his own personal problem with the sender.

f) The recipient stays in a condominium and the guard does not allow driver to go in and does not want to receive the flowers on behalf of recipient. Order For Wreaths/Sympathy Flowers For all orders for wreaths or sympathy flowers, the time and date of the funeral (when the deceased will be taken out for burial) MUST be stated clearly in your order, and the flowers are delivered only after the funeral, we are not hold responsible to make any refunds or cancellations. As our products are mostly perishable, please revert as soon as possible if there is a problem. All refund request will be dealt on a case by case basis. For refunds to customers due to the customers' themselves cancelling the orders, we have a transaction charge of 5% of the purchase price. As such refunds will be paid back to the customer at purchasing price less 5%.

Below RM100
RM101 - RM150
RM151 - RM200
RM201 - RM250
RM251 - RM300
RM301 - RM350
RM351 - RM400
RM400 above
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